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An actuator is a motor that converts energy into torque which then moves or controls a mechanism or a system into which it has been incorporated. It can introduce motion as well as prevent it.

Actuators convert energy into motion in order to manage or move mechanisms through the use of an electric current or other energy source. They typically come in two forms: electrical and mechanical. While electrical actuators provide mechanical torque for powering systems, mechanical actuators transform rotary motion into linear motion for moving gears, pulleys, chains, and other devices. The result of the work electrical and mechanical actuators do is high torque at lower shaft speeds or RPM.

Our member companies offer a variety of actuators that will help you optimize performance and minimize potential problems. Browse to discover which actuators are right for your automation project.




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Actuator with Integrated Servo Drive Image

Actuator with Integrated Servo Drive

Harmonic Drive LLC

The actuator features an integrated servo drive utilizing CANopen® communication. This evolutionary product eliminates the need for an external drive and greatly improves wiring while retaining high-positional accuracy and torsional stiffness in a compact housing. Ideal for use in robotics.

AH Helical Planetary Gearbox Image

AH Helical Planetary Gearbox

Onvio LLC

Onvio AH gearbox are designed with ground helical planetary gears and offer high torque density, backlash down to 3 arc minutes.

AL Value Line Planetary Gearboxes Image

AL Value Line Planetary Gearboxes

Onvio LLC

Onvio's AL planetary gearboxes are manufactured with hardened and skived gears that prove high efficiency and low backlash

Anglgear Image


Redex USA Inc.

The ANGLgear line of bevel gearboxes has proven its performance for over 40 years.

ASPINA Robotic Gripper Image

ASPINA Robotic Gripper


ASPINA's robotic gripper is customizable and offers precise control, strong gripping force and a wide opening range with suction.