Recruiting Top Talent
Graduating Engineers

The Association for Advancing Automation, in partnership with 3P Mechatronics Group, is offering an exclusive opportunity to A3 members: recruiting graduating engineers across North America and matching talent to a company's needs.

3P Mechatronics Group has access to thousands of graduating engineering candidates from the finest colleges and universities throughout North America. 3P selects from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering majors who have the engineering talent to become a valuable resource to either leading manufacturers or their distribution channel partners.

3P Mechatronics Group’s value proposition to the manufacturers and their distribution channel partners is to offer continual Prospecting, Preparing and Positioning talent for you, the client, in order to build and strengthen the talent pool in the mechatronics industry.

Here is what to expect:


Access to thousands of graduating engineers from the leading higher-educational institutions


Pre-select candidates, connect with candidates and schedule selected candidates for 1x1 interviews


Rigorous interviewing process requires screening for inner-confidence as well as seeking other quality traits


Matchup process Prepares & Positions the stars for ideal employer match for an onsite interview with potential employer

Interested in learning more? Ready to get started recruiting your next engineer?