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The Association for Advancing Automation has partnered with Interact Analysis to provide free industry market reports, exclusively for A3 members. They will also provide access to broader industry market intelligence and expert opinion at a discounted rate.

Interact Analysis provides smart, industry-driven intelligence reports on market-moving technologies.

Making sound, sustainable strategy decisions that align with corporate growth goals is no small feat – particularly in today’s fast-moving technology markets. Interact Analysis is the market intelligence authority for global technology research.

Their research covers the entire automation value chain. From the technology used to automate factory production, through inventory storage and distribution channels, to the transportation of the finished goods. Interact Analysis investigates current constraints and how emerging technologies will disrupt them — today, tomorrow and in the future. 

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Free Market Intelligence Reports – expert findings from Interact Analysis

Industrial Automation Product Tracker

The report will be updated every quarter to ensure you are always up to date with the market. It includes annual market sizes and a 5-year forecast for key automation products.

All members will receive Americas data. Silver, Gold and Platinum members will also receive EMEA and APAC data.

Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker

This report is a selection of slides from a service that Interact Analysis publishes every quarter on the global manufacturing industry. The full service also includes an Excel database and PowerBI dashboards comprising over 1.2 million data points covering 102 industries, sub-industries and machinery sectors, across 44 countries; presenting over 15 years of historical data alongside a credible five-year forecast.

Mobile Robots

This summary is a selection of slides from a report that Interact Analysis publishes every year on the global AGV & AMR market. The full report features 150 slides and 105 forecast and market share Excel tables with extensive data and analysis for the mobile robot market.

The full report is available for $11,250. The Premium report also provides country-level analysis and forecasts (each robot product type analyzed by country by industry) and mid-year updates to all forecasts.

Motion Controls

This summary is a selection of slides from a report Interact Analysis publishes every year on the global motion controls market. The full report comprises an unabridged report PDF, Excel database and interactive PowerBI dashboards, providing the most in-depth dataset on the market for servo motors, servo drives and position control hardware ever produced.

Discounted Market Intelligence Reports – expert findings from Interact Analysis

All of these reports are available to A3 members for the lowest price in the market. Become an A3 member today and take advantage of this great member benefit!

Product Name Frequency Regional Scope
Industrial Product Tracker – Premium Quarterly Parent + Primary + Deeper
Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker – Full Report Quarterly Multi-Region
Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker – Premium Quarterly Multi-Region
LV Motor Drives Annual Multi-Region
LV Motors Annual Multi-Region
Motion Controls Annual Multi-Region
Geared Products Annual Multi-Region
Precision Geared Products Annual Multi-Region
Smart Conveyance Technology Every 2 years Multi-Region
Industrial Robots Annual Multi-Region
Components in Industrial Robots Every 2 years Multi-Region
Components in Mobile Robots Every 2 years Multi-Region

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