Permanent Magnet Division (PMD)

Magnetic materials, assemblies, systems

Since 1959, we have aimed to increase the understanding, promotion and effective use of permanent magnets.

PMD Mission Statement

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“Increase the understanding, promotion and effective utilization of magnetic materials, assemblies and systems for the benefit of the Permanent Magnet Division members and all users of permanent magnet products.”

PMD History

This group was originally founded in 1959 and operated as the Magnetic Materials Producers Association (MMPA). In 2003, PMD became the International Magnetics Association (IMA) and IMA replaced MMPA, expanding its scope and operations in recognition of the global nature of the magnetic industry. In 2007, PMD became a part of SMMA, the motor and motion trade group. In 2015, SMMA merged with the Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA) – which is now A3 Motion Control & Motors. PMD is now an active part of A3, which supports the work of the PMD and the greater good it brings to the industry.

PMD Membership Criteria

A3 membership is required to participate in the Permanent Magnet Division, there is no additional fee to join PMD. We welcome businesses and organizations to join and actively participate. PMD company members primarily represent the following company types:

Magnet Producer

Manufacturers of one or more of the following products: bonded magnets; ceramic magnets; metal magnets; soft ferrites and soft metallic materials.



Distributors of magnetic materials and/or fabricators of products or components containing magnetic material.


Suppliers of materials and services to the permanent magnet industry.

A3 Members who fit the criteria and want to join PMD (no additional fee) should contact us at [email protected]

Become an A3 Member and Join PMD

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Contact A3 at +1 734-994-6088 to learn more.

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