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Permanent Magnet Guide and Reference

The Permanent Magnet Guide and Reference is a practical source of information about permanent magnetic products, their specification, and application. Originally released in 1987, the newest 111-page version expands on the latest development of new materials and changes within the magnet industry. The Permanent Magnet Guide and Reference is useful for engineers new to the field of magnetics, assisting them in the performance of responsibilities of inspection, specification, and use. It will also help management teams of businesses incorporating magnets in their products make better informed decisions regarding their acquisition and use, including benefits and limitations of each material. Purchasing and sales personnel will appreciate interacting with vendors and customers from a position of knowledge and understanding. Quality assurance can benefit from the information regarding test and evaluation. All parties benefit from communicating with a standard vocabulary, terminology, and symbols. Numerous references are cited for those desiring to delve further into specific areas.

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Magnet Handbook provided by the courtesy of Hitachi Metals America Ltd.

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Test Method For Determining Breakaway Force of a Magnet

This test method addresses the measurement of the normal force required to detach a magnet from a work load surface. This test method covers both electro and permanent magnets.

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Equipment and Procedure for On-Site Inspection of Magnetic Separators

This standard presents a unified approach to magnetic measurement of permanent magnetic and electromagnetic separation equipment at the installation site.

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MMPA Standard Specifications for Permanent Magnet Materials

This specification defines thermal and mechanical characteristics and properties of commercially available permanent magnet materials including Alnico, Ceramic, Rare Earth (Samarium cobalt and neodymium) and Iron-Chromium-Cobalt. The document also includes a Glossary of Terms and Magnetic Quantities (Symbols, Units and Conversion Factors).

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The Global Permanent Magnet Industry (2nd Edition)

The most comprehensive compilation of the world’s permanent magnet industry. This directory includes 1,000+ companies located in well over 50 countries.

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