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The A3 Vault is an exclusive library with 40 years of our most popular and valuable robotics, machine vision, and motion control courses, content, and downloadable assets.

Welcome to the A3 Vault.

Here you will find a collection of informational assets and educational pieces covering topics including Motion Control, Motors, Robotics, Vision, and Imaging. Some of the items are available to all members but there are also a wide array of items included with certain membership types.

To learn more about the Vault, watch the introduction video. To see answers to commonly asked questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Video Transcription:

Welcome to the A3 Vault – your go-to resource to access information on the latest technologies, industry statistics, certification and training programs, and so much more.

To access the Vault, your company needs an A3 membership. Each section of the Vault has a key icon next to it which signifies the membership level needed to gain access to that particular resource, so you immediately know what information is available to you.

In this first section, you'll find information on A3 Certification Programs. You and your employees can gain access to our certification programs – the Certified Vision Basic and Advanced programs and the Certified Motion Control Profession Basic program. With the help of A3 certification, you can improve your skills and gain knowledge as a vision professional or motion control professional.

The A3 Events section includes discussions and keynotes from previous A3 trade shows and conferences where you can gather information from these in-person events without ever leaving your office.

The A3 Member Toolkit section helps business owners and company management in their various roles. This toolkit section offers best practices for website and SEO optimization, HR best practices, business development, marketing and lead generation, and the advanced business practice toolkit. No matter what A3 industry your business falls within, you can likely benefit from one or more of these toolkit features.

With the A3 Statistical Reports section, you'll gain access to quarterly statistics for a variety of industries, including the robotics, machine vision, and motion control markets.

If you seeking to deploy motion control technology, the Motion Controls and Motors section will provide guidance. You'll find related webinars and educational sessions within this A3 Vault section.

Dig into the Vault's Robotics section to access videos, presentations, safety resources and other important topics on how to put robots to work for you.

To learn more about the machine vision field, the A3 Vault Vision and Imaging section can help you by providing detailed information in the form of webinars and educational sessions.

Start exploring the A3 Vault today – and and make sure that all of your co-workers have access to the great content.

Understanding the keys to unlocking your potential

Assets marked for members only are subject to membership level eligibility. The keys below are shown on every asset to help you distinguish which assets are available to you. Vault is an on going resource, speak with a membership expert to discuss optimizing your membership.

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*Assets marked for members only are subject to membership level eligibility.

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