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Plastic Robotic Visual Inspection by AV&R

03/20/2023 | AV&R

Looking to automate the inspection of plastic manufacturing parts?

AV&R's Robotic System at Paber Aluminium

03/20/2023 | AV&R

What will you gain by automating your production?

Clear object bin picking and placement with a Kawasaki cleanroom robot

03/09/2023 | Apera AI

Apera AI collaborated on this application with @KawasakiRobotics to show off how robot vision for clear and translucent objects

Socket bin pick and place with a UR5 cobot—see how vision works with a changing placement location!

03/09/2023 | Apera AI

Apera AI collaborated with @UniversalRobots on this challenging demonstration of AI-powered vision technology.

Bin picking, kitting and sorting of bolts with an Epson industrial robot—multiple object finishes

03/09/2023 | Apera AI

This application uses an @epsonrobots industrial robot for bin picking and placement of various bolts, including shiny objects.

Edge computers - Things to consider before buying

03/08/2023 | OnLogic

Understanding the different features will help you choose the best edge computing hardware for your environment to ensure a long

Connected Devices at the Edge using AWS IoT Greengrass

03/08/2023 | OnLogic

Connected devices at the edge present a major challenge for IT decision makers in the age of Industry 4.0.

OTC DAIHEN Production Robotic Aluminum Welding With the World’s #1 Arc-welding Robot

03/06/2023 | OTC DAIHEN Inc.

Check out this production video of the OTC DAIHEN WavePulse II arc-welding robot on our production floor.

Control Solutions Inc. Customer Testimonial

03/06/2023 | OTC DAIHEN Inc.

In this video, you'll hear how the ability to dial in an OTC DAIHEN welding power source for repeatability and no more blowing through aluminum became a real game changer for Control Solutions, Inc. To learn more, visit

LIVE DUAL WELDING! Dual Robotic Welding Cell | ROTA-ARC

03/06/2023 | OTC DAIHEN Inc.

Take a look at our H-frame ROTA-ARC production welding cell equipped with two (2) FD-B6L welding robots during a live weld.

OTC DAIHEN Customer Testimonials

03/06/2023 | OTC DAIHEN Inc.

OTC DAIHEN complete solutions include torches, wire feeders, welding power sources, robots, advanced know-how, and all the supporting components necessary to make this advanced fabrication technology produce for your and your company.

OTC DAIHEN Simple Solutions | Customer Testimonials

03/06/2023 | OTC DAIHEN Inc.

OTC DAIHEN makes it all, so you can rest assured that your robotic welder will go together easily and work every time for your production and fabrication needs.

Small animal imaging in SWIR with C-RED 2

02/17/2023 | First Light Imaging SAS

Small animal imaging in NIR II (SWIR) with C-RED 2 : Real-time imaging of the biodistribution of ICG contrast agent

ITALA® the NEW GigE AREA SCAN CAMERAS designed and manufactured in Italy

02/17/2023 | Opto Engineering S.P.A.

IT'S TIME TO GO ITALIAN! ITALA® cameras confirm Opto Engineering’s determination in establishing itself as a qualified supplier for all

TST - Tetrapak Case Study

02/15/2023 | TST Engineering & Vision

TST Straw Inspection is an artificial vision solution created to automatically control quality in the production of drinking straws, plastic or paper with different shape

Company Overview Video


There isn't much we don't do at Flex-Line Automation, Inc.. From production through palletizing we are the experienced integrator that

The HazPAC 10 Rugged Panel PC - Sealevel

02/09/2023 | Sealevel Systems, Inc.

The HazPAC® 10 Rugged Panel PC for industrial and extreme environments is certified by ATEX, IECEx, and for Class I, Division 2 (Groups A, B, C, D, T4)

A Sealevel Story About Long-Term Availability: Automation & Control

02/09/2023 | Sealevel Systems, Inc.

Sealevel provides robust I/O for the complete testing of gas detection systems deployed in fire safety, mining, and building manufacturing applications.

Handling objects at Pack Expo East 2022 in Philadelphia

02/07/2023 | PIAB USA, Inc.

Piab EOAT vacuum grippers and suction cups grip a variety of hard to handle objects successfully using piSOFTGRIP

Industrial Router Integrated Into Forklift Technology

02/03/2023 | Antaira Technologies

An automated “smart” forklift company located in Texas has partnered with Antaira Technologies to provide communication products that enhance their automated warehouse technology. The company believes that intelligent, robotic forklifts will become part of the automation landscape. Products like these will help our economy, reduce environmental impacts, provide desirable jobs, and impact social services. This process is accomplished through enhanced automation allowing the company to use infor

7 Axis Welding Robot Model | Keeping It Clean With OTC DAIHEN

01/30/2023 | OTC DAIHEN Inc.

Join Brent as he discusses the 7 axis robot model compared to the 6 axis robot.

ECO-ARC 290 | Keeping It Clean With OTC DAIHEN

01/30/2023 | OTC DAIHEN Inc.

The ECO-ARC 290 in action.

OTC DAIHEN Inc. | Advanced Manual and Robotic Welding Technology

01/30/2023 | OTC DAIHEN Inc.

OTC DAIHEN is a single-source Welding solutions provider. We combine the latest robotic welding technology with quality products, resulting in faster better welds. Whether you're looking for a single welded component or a complete end-to-end solution, OTC DAIHEN's top-of-the-line quality and performance meet the challenge. OTC DAIHEN is based out of Osaka, Japan and has celebrated 40 years in the U.S., delivering advanced manual & robotic welding systems to Canada, USA, Mexico, and South

R and D with CRX

01/25/2023 | IME Automation

R and D for a client to fold cases before filling, taping and printing barcodes using CRX Robot from FANUC

Advantech USA Launches New Valor Small Form Factor Workstation

01/19/2023 | Advantech Corporation - Embedded IoT

Advantech Valor Small Form Factor is a line of commercial-grade desktop that target in corporate enterprises, healthcare, retail and factory