ROI Robot System Value Calculator

This calculator shows the potentially dramatic impact in cost savings of leveraging a robot versus manual labor over the lifetime of a project.

The pre-filled sections of the tool below, display an example study where 2 robots were installed and operating for 2 shifts each day, 5 days a week. The costs & savings associated with the example were examined over the course of a 15 year period.

These are displayed solely as an example and are not meant to be a model for an average user installation cost or savings return.

Variable for Total System Cost

Variables for Current Operational Costs

Robot System Usage:Disclaimer: Average Robot Electrical costs are roughly $.50 per hour
Annual Labor Costs per Operator,Including Fringe Benefits:Disclaimer: Average Robot Electrical costs are roughly $.50 per hour
Number of Operators per Shift Removed:
Percentage of Labor Retained to Operate System per Shift: %
Expected Productivity Gain: %
Other Estimated Savings:Additional Statement: We have found that there are often a number of additional unforeseen or industry specific values associated with the installation of Robotic Systems, such as: Scrap/Rework Saving, Material Savings, etc.