A3 Certified
Robot Integrator Program

Defining Safety & Excellence

The Certified Robot Integrator program was established in 2012 in response to an industry need for a benchmark for evaluating technical and robot safety acumen, as well as overall integrator business excellence.

Robot integrators must have already achieved a high level of proficiency, experience and success in order to be considered for the certification program. It's certainly not for everyone. Certification involves a rigorous process that includes an on-site audit, practical assessment of key personnel, safety training, and other important criteria.

Whether You're a Robot Integrator or a Robot User, Certification Benefits Everyone

Certification ensures that robot integrators who have successfully completed the program possess the capabilities at a very high level to deliver robotic products, systems and services that are safe, reliable, and of good quality.

Once received, certification is valid for two years and will need to be renewed after expiration to keep a valid certification status.


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Certified Robot Integrators have successfully completed a rigorous organization/infrastructure compliance program to ensure they are recognized for their capabilities and high level of experience and expertise.

Get to know the extraordinary companies who invested the time, commitment, and resources to meet the critical criteria developed by the A3 Robotics.


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