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Synchronization Integration Test Stands for an Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

02/27/2024 | ACS

A leading aerospace parts manufacturer developed an Electro-Mechanical Actuator (EMA) that included a synchronization electronic control module

Electric Motor Test Stand for Small Electric Motor Dynamometer

02/27/2024 | ACS

ACS supplied a comprehensive electric motor test stand, incorporating electric motor software integration

Battery Simulator Disconnect Panel for High Voltage DC Equipment

02/27/2024 | ACS

Our expert team engineered and constructed a custom Battery Simulator Disconnect Panel (BSDP) to facilitate High Voltage DC (HVDC) distribution

Turn-Key Solution for Autonomous Trolling Motors

02/06/2024 | Winchester Interconnect

Winchester Interconnect leverages vertical integration to offer terminated coil cord solution made in North America.

Event-Based Metavision® for Industrial Applications

01/11/2024 | Prophesee

Reveal the invisible in your factory

Using Sepasoft to Track CNC Machine OEE

12/15/2023 | DMC, Inc.

DMC linked Ignition and Sepasoft to a client’s CNC Machines to automate data collection in order to calculate downtime

Sepasoft MES Solution for Food Processing Facility

12/15/2023 | DMC, Inc.

DMC developed a custom Manufacturing Execution System (MES) application for a large manufacturer in the food and beverage industry.

MES for Indoor Farming

12/15/2023 | DMC, Inc.

DMC developed an MES application to schedule, track, and collect data for a vertical farming company's seeding and grow locations.

Increasing Efficiency and Safety of Battery Assembly Line

12/15/2023 | DMC, Inc.

An electric vehicle manufacturer hired DMC to improve their proof of concept battery pack production line.

Building Device Template Library to Simplify HMI Library System

12/15/2023 | DMC, Inc.

DMC helped a client in the automotive industry develop templates for monitoring and controlling devices.

TIA Portal and WinCC Pro Deployment Using Siemens Brewing Template

12/15/2023 | DMC, Inc.

DMC leveraged the Siemens Brewing Template to rapidly deploy a TIA Portal/WinCC Pro S88 control system for a Texas Distillery

Automation System for Ginkgo’s Latest Testing Facility

12/15/2023 | DMC, Inc.

Ginkgo reached out to DMC to develop and implement an automated testing solution to replace their existing mostly manual system.

Beckhoff PLC Programming for Interactive Displays at MSI

12/15/2023 | DMC, Inc.

DMC leveraged our Beckhoff PLC expertise to program several interactive displays throughout the Museum of Science and Industry

Siemens S210 Banding Application

12/15/2023 | DMC, Inc.

DMC programmed a hand-held machine that tensions and cuts bands to length for fast and high-quality banding applications.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Automation with WinCC OA

12/14/2023 | DMC, Inc.

DMC partnered with a client in the pharmaceutical industry to provide plant-wide automation of a new facility.

Cincoze Industrial Panel PC: Accelerating the Production Efficiency of Animal Feed Manufacturing

11/16/2023 | Cincoze Co., Ltd.

Cincoze Industrial Panel PC: Accelerating the Production Efficiency of Animal Feed Manufacturing

Cincoze DI-1000 Enables Smart Railway Surveillance for Safer Passenger Journeys

10/17/2023 | Cincoze Co., Ltd.

Cincoze DI-1000 Enables Smart Railway Surveillance for Safer Passenger Journeys

Customer Requirements Lead the Way

10/01/2023 | Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Equipment manufacturer for mixing and pumping concrete and gypsum, Strong Manufacturing, developed an all-electric machine fit to meet specific building regulations with help from Womack Machine Supply's hydraulic systems and Mitsubishi Electric Automation's automation components.

Cincoze CS-119/P1001: The key to 3x highway traffic capacity

09/14/2023 | Cincoze Co., Ltd.

Cincoze CS-119/P1001: The key to 3x highway traffic capacity

Intelligent Automation Means Productivity and Precision

09/01/2023 | Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Packaging machinery specialists, Balpack, were approached by a customer seeking an application to cap small bottles precisely and delicately. Balpack found programming expertise with HPE Automation and precision controls utilizing Mitsubishi Electric components.

Ozone Generator

09/01/2023 | American Control Electronics

AI- powered Robot System Enables Efficient Green Recycling

08/31/2023 | NexCOBOT CO., Ltd.

NexCOBOT's innovative solution combines AI Vision technology to accurately identify and classify different types of plastic bottles. Using AI algorithms,

From Passenger to Operations: DX-1100 Enhances Smart Bus Safety and Fleet Management

08/22/2023 | Cincoze Co., Ltd.

A nation spanning both Europe and Asia opted for the high-performance, compact embedded computer, DX-1100 by Cincoze

Building Efficiency & Uptime with Ultra-Reliable High Flex Cable Designs

08/15/2023 | Winchester Interconnect

Winchester Interconnect, an industry leader, designs high flex cables to drive efficiency and uptime for large OEM

A Customer Had An Idea -- and Integrated Production Systems (IPS) Made It Happen

08/01/2023 | Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

IPS Custom Automation was approached by a manufacturer who needed a new solution for producing anechoic foam. IPS turned to Womack Machine Supply for Mitsubishi Electric components to create a streamlined machine that combines all actions into a single device.