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Bosch Rexroth AMR improves safety and productivity of manufacturing facilities

05/18/2022 | Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Using Rexroth's RoKit Locator Software, the MP1000R navigates autonomously in highly-dynamic environments with out additional infrastructure.

ABB´s new Robotic Depalletizer solution reduces complexity in logistics while improving efficiency

05/17/2022 | ABB Inc.

ABB’s Robotic Depalletizer handles complex depalletizing tasks using machine vision software; can quickly assess a wide variety of box types, enabling customers to efficiently process assorted loads with very little engineering effort and short set-up time.

Roboception Presents High-Resolution 3D Stereo Sensor

05/15/2022 | Roboception GmbH

Munich based technology leader Roboception GmbH expands its range of high-performance sensors for industrial 3D image processing in robotics by adding the rc_viscore high-resolution 3D stereo sensor to its product portfolio.

Highlights from the new maxon product catalog

05/03/2022 | Maxon

The arrival of spring also marks the release of maxon’s 2022/23 catalog, with 592 pages and the latest in drive technology. One of the highlights? A radiation-resistant GAMA enco

Gideon launches it's first autonomous forklift for trailer loading and unloading

04/22/2022 | Gideon

Gideon announced Trey, an autonomous forklift for truck trailer loading and unloading.

Q-Span® Gauging System Automates Measurement Inspection

04/21/2022 | New Scale Robotics

Do-it-yourself automation: Robotic workstation incorporates existing manual gauges and gauging techniques to increase throughput and process control in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing.

Kollmorgen introduces a new generation of robot-ready frameless servo motors

04/19/2022 | Kollmorgen

Kollmorgen introduces a new generation of robot-ready TBM2G frameless servo motors

Prophesee launches Event-Based Vision evaluation kit based on new Sony IMX636ES HD sensor

04/13/2022 | Prophesee

EVK4 allows for immediate evaluation of Sony IMX636ES, industry’s only commercial-grade Event-Based Vision stacked sensor featuring the industry’s smallest pixels and superior HDR performance – offered as ultra-light and compact HD Metavision® Evaluation Kit built to endure field testing conditions.

ABB launches breakthrough robot alignment software, increasing electronics manufacturing speed and accuracy

04/12/2022 | ABB Inc.

ABB Robotics has launched an industry leading, pioneering software solution to transform speed and accuracy in electronics assembly. ABB’s High Speed Alignment software increase the speed of 6-axis robots by 70 percent, and accuracy by 50 percent.

JR Automation Introduces INGENOVA360 for Data Driven Manufacturing

04/08/2022 | JR Automation – A Hitachi Group Company

JR Automation is pleased to introduce INGENOVA360 to the market, bolstering its position as a leader in combining advanced automation systems with IIOT and digital solution technologies.

Emergent Vision Technologies Expands Award-Winning 100GigE Camera Line With 10MP Model Capable of 1000 fps

03/22/2022 | Emergent Vision Technologies Inc.

Emergent Vision Technologies, a pioneer in high-speed imaging, introduces the 10MP HZ-10000-G camera.

ADLINK Launches NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX-based Industrial 4-channel PoE AI Vision System

03/21/2022 | ADLINK Technology, Inc.

ADLINK Launches NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX-based Industrial 4-channel PoE AI Vision System

InOrbit releases Data Backfill saving robot data once thought lost

03/17/2022 | InOrbit, Inc.

InOrbit releases Data Backfill saving robot data once thought lost

EPIC Systems Launches New Vision Inspection Products

03/14/2022 | EPIC Systems Group, LLC

EPIC Systems Simplifies Vision Inspection for Package and Label Verification

New board-level industrial cameras from Omron Automation Americas are tailor-made for highly customized OEM vision applications

03/07/2022 | OMRON Automation - Americas

The B Series GigE Vision Cameras provide the flexibility and ease of integration for applications that require a small form-factor,

Pleora’s Visual Inspection System Helps Ensure Brand Quality for Dairy Distillery

03/03/2022 | Pleora Technologies

Fast-growing distillery with unique spirits made from milk deploys Pleora’s new Visual Inspection System to add AI-based decision-support for labelling and quality contr

IoT Solution Enables Thermal Imaging for Early Fire Detection Applications

03/01/2022 | MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solutions

The new cloud application provides real-time situational awareness to facility operators, employees, and first responders. The IoT solution alerts users of potential fire formation, helping prevent disaster

New Rod-style electric actuator from Tolomatic designed to meet hygienic standards

02/23/2022 | Electromate Inc.

The new RSH electric hygienic rod-style actuator from Tolomatic delivers clean, continuous control to automation machinery.

Matrox Imaging Releases Event-Logging Tool

02/18/2022 | Matrox Imaging

Matrox Gecho logs acquisition activity, so that users can troubleshoot capture errors, and measure latencies and execution times to identify performance bottlene

5-Axis Wafer Stage for Semiconductor Processing, Multi-Axis Air Bearing

02/14/2022 | PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

A new XYZ-Theta-X-Theta-Y stage for semiconductor wafer processing provides nanometer precision, 24/7 duty cycle reliability for industrial automation. Specs: 300 x 300 mm XY travel, 5mm Z-travel, 2 degrees of ?X, ?Y rotation, direct drive motor

InOrbit Launches Configuration as Code, Unshackling Robot Developers

02/09/2022 | InOrbit, Inc.

InOrbit, the leading provider of cloud-based robot operations (RobOps) software, has launched Configuration as Code to unshackle developers with precise controls that streamline development workflows enabling the automation of robot managemen

Neousys Technology Launches Nuvo-9000 Series and Nuvo-9531 Series, Intel® 12th-Gen Alder Lake Core™ i Fanless Embedded Computers

02/09/2022 | Neousys Technology America, Inc.

Powered by Intel 12th-Gen Core i processor with 16-core/ 24 thread configuration, Neousys Nuvo-9000 series embedded Box PCs provides an incredible boost of performance and supports DDR5 memory standard for more memory bandwidth to handle additional workload

Neousys Technology Releases Their Latest Factory Automation AI Platform, The Nuvo-8111 series

02/07/2022 | Neousys Technology America, Inc.

Neousys Nuvo-8111 is a cost-effective rugged AI platform designed for factory automation. It features flexible expansion slots for add-on cards and supports a 200W NVIDIA® graphics card for edge AI computatio

With the piSOFTGRIP® 100-4, Piab is launching the largest gripper of this series

02/02/2022 | PIAB USA, Inc.

The piSOFTGRIP® 100-4 has four gripping fingers and a vacuum cavity allowing it to hold objects up to 100mm [3.93 inch] in width. Like all other members of the piSOFTGRIP® family, it is made in one piece, resulting in a simple and robu

Direct Teach, Plug and Play (DTP) Collaborative Robots Enhance Yaskawa’s HC-Series Line

01/31/2022 | Yaskawa America, Inc.

New HC10DTP and HC20DTP collaborative robots enable hand-guided direct teaching of points without a pendant, and an ISO standard tool flange and electrical connections provide a plug and play approach for quick deployment of the robot syste