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Neousys Embedded Computers Certified for Baidu’s PaddleX/ PaddlePaddle Deep-learning Platform

06/17/2021 | Neousys Technology America, Inc.

Neousys announced that its three embedded computers have been granted compatibility certification by Baidu PaddleX/ PaddlePaddle deep-learning platform.

Siemens Innovations- the Future of Automation

06/16/2021 | Siemens Industry, Inc.

Join Siemens for a 2-day live virtual event and discover how you can make your production smart. Learn how you can react flexibly to ever-changing market requirements and how to make smart production a success.

Precision right angle gearboxes from Neugart with a premounted pinion

06/14/2021 | Neugart USA Corp.

Space-saving alternative for rack and pinion drives

Weekly Bot Brief Newsletter on Robotics 6/11/2021

06/13/2021 | Balcones Investment Research

Investment research on robotic companies

Gideon Brothers raises $31 million Series A to expand its portfolio of AI & 3D Vision Autonomous Mobile Robots

06/09/2021 | Gideon Brothers

Gideon Brothers raised a $31 million Series A investment to accelerate the development and commercialization of its AI & 3D vision-based autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The investment was led by KDT, with the participation of DB Schenker, Prologis Ventures, RiteHite.

Online Training: "Colour Pipeline of a Camera" July 2021

06/09/2021 | FRAMOS Technologies Inc.

How to make a beautiful colour image out of the signal delivered by a sensor

ABB PixelPaint wins prestigious IERA Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

06/09/2021 | ABB Inc.

ABB’s PixelPaint robotic non-overspray technology for the automotive industry has won this year’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robotics & Automation (IERA) Award for Outstanding Achievements in Commercializing Innovative Robot and Automation Technology.

Zimmer Group System Technology - development competence at just the right time

06/08/2021 | Zimmer Group US, Inc.

The technological change in the automotive industry, among others, is also affecting the Zimmer Group - the automation specialist from Germany is well prepared.

AT Smart Infrared Camera IRSX impresses with unique app and job concept

06/07/2021 | AT - Automation Technology

Smart infrared camera IRSX from AT - Automation Technology that offers a unique app and job concept which allow the functionality of the IRSX to be flexibly changed.

Weekly Bot Brief Newsletter on Robotics 6/4/2021

06/06/2021 | Balcones Investment Research

A Weekly synopsis of investment activities within the robotic manufacturers or user together with pertinent comments on the state of the industry

International Impacts of Biden’s Tax Proposals

06/03/2021 | Clayton & McKervey

The U.S. Treasury released its Fiscal Year 2022 explanation of the various proposals included in President Biden’s “Made in America” tax plan, known as the Green Book.

Take a Look Inside Biden's Tax Plan

06/03/2021 | Clayton & McKervey

Right before the Memorial Day weekend, the U.S. Treasury released its Fiscal Year 2022 explanation of the various proposals included in President Biden’s “Made in America” tax plan.

Consulting Partner for Rocky Mountain states in USA Joins Futura Automation

06/03/2021 | Futura Automation, LLC

Chris Jaworsky, originally from Durango, CO, has joined the Futura Automation automation consulting team as of June 1, 2021.

Transaction Service Basics for Business Owners: It’s All About Due Diligence

06/03/2021 | Clayton & McKervey

Stay tuned for our 4-part live video series: Buying, Selling or Not So Sure? Transaction Service Basics for Business Owners.

Automation Talent 101: Culture Counts

06/03/2021 | Clayton & McKervey

Culture is the first step in attracting and retaining top talent. Prioritizing your company culture can help you connect with your team in a more meaningful way.

Matrox Rapixo CXP Are The First Frame Grabbers Fully Certified For CoaXPress 2.0

06/02/2021 | Matrox Imaging

The Matrox Rapixo CXP series of CoaXPress 2.0 frame grabbers deliver single- to quad-input boards with models for optional data forwarding and FPGA-based image processing offloa

Keynote Sessions from Amazon, Cognex, FedEx, Intel and More Highlight A3 Vision Week

06/02/2021 | Association for Advancing Automation

Registration is open, and agenda posted for virtual conference and exhibits, June 8-10, 2021

3D at the edge – Intel® RealSense™ Depth and Tracking Cameras (

06/01/2021 | OLogic, Inc.

For many internet of things (IoT) applications, a large amount of data can be generated during the course of operation – data that needs to be processed and analyzed as well as acted upon.

Milvus Robotics introduces new series as the safest AMRs on the market

05/31/2021 | Milvus Robotics

Milvus Robotics is now offering advanced safety with the new S-series of SEIT robots: SEIT500-S and SEIT1500-S. With extended safety features and increased navigational performance, the new SEIT500-S and SEIT1500-S autonomous mobile robots offer effortless material handling.

Why 3D Print with an Industrial Robot?

05/31/2021 | OCTOPUZ

While robot additive systems are often much more expensive than their 3D printer counterparts of comparable print volume, there are a few key reasons to choose them to control your extruder.

Program Complex Welds with OCTOPUZ Demo On-Demand

05/31/2021 | OCTOPUZ

OCTOPUZ Offline Robot Programming (OLRP) software enables your welding robots to continue working while new functions are being programmed in a virtual environment. We invite you to download our live welding demo.

¿Qué es el paletizado y para qué sirve?

05/31/2021 | CAV Robotics

En la gran mayoría de fabricas se encuentra lo que comúnmente se denomina como estiba o paleta, de allí que se derive el paletizado como la acción de montar una carga sobre una superficie, facilitando así el transporte y el almacenamiento de la merca

APT High School Training Center Year 6 is Complete

05/31/2021 | APT Manufacturing Solutions

HICKSVILLE—Year 6 of the APT High School Training Center is now complete.

Weekly Bot Brief 5-28-02021

05/30/2021 | Balcones Investment Research

Information on robotic investment opportunities and commentary of state of the industry.

IRSX Simulator: The Optimal Tool For Testing The AT Infrared Camera

05/28/2021 | AT - Automation Technology

The IRSX Simulator is the perfect software tool to simulate the smart infrared camera of AT - Automation Technology GmbH without integrating any hardware.