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The Bot Brief

11/27/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief contains an index of robotic stocks and commentary

AROTEC – New integrator of Photoneo technology in DACH

11/24/2022 | Photoneo

AROTEC becomes a certified integrator of Photoneo technology in the DACH region.

Dobot Launches Nova Collaborative Robots for Retail Automation

11/22/2022 | DOBOT

Dobot has developed the Nova Series of collaborative robots designed specifically for retail customers to handle tasks such as making coffee, cocktail, ice cream, noodles, fried chicken, and even physical therapy.

Universal Robots Reaches 1,000 Employees

11/21/2022 | Universal Robots A/S

Universal Robots, the largest company in a fast-growing Danish robotics hub, has become the cluster’s first organization to reach 1,000 employees – one of only a few Danish companies founded in this millennium to hit this milestone.

Why Need Cobot Vision System For Production

11/21/2022 | DOBOT

A cobot vision system is a necessary part of the cobot revolution’s modern structure. It is the cobot’s ‘eyes’, allowing it to see and operate industrial tasks

The Bot Brief

11/20/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Index is included in the Bot Brief as a medium to compare robotic stocks versus the larger marketplace

Automate, North America’s Largest Automation Tradeshow, Returns to Detroit May 22-25

11/18/2022 | Association for Advancing Automation

Registration now open for Automate, the best place to help companies find the latest innovations in robotics, machine vision, motion control and industrial artificial in

Why are you still manually programming your robot?

11/18/2022 | Robotmaster (Hypertherm Inc.)

Robots were first introduced to manufacturing assembly lines in 1978. Since then, the hardware has improved significantly.

Tregaskiss Offers LSR+ Unicables with SmoothTurn™ Technology

11/17/2022 | Tregaskiss

LSR+ (Low Stress Robotic) unicables with SmoothTurn™ technology are for use with TOUGH GUN® TA3 robotic MIG guns.

JR Automation Announces New Facility Opening in Lake Orion, Michigan

11/17/2022 | JR Automation – A Hitachi Group Company

JR Automation announces the opening of its newly built, state-of-the-art facility in Lake Orion, Michigan

New Raspberry Pi-Powered Industrial Controller from OnLogic is Engineered for the IoT Edge

11/17/2022 | OnLogic

The Factor 202 is powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and designed for connectivity and reliability in industrial computing, edge, and IoT application

PickNik Robotics and CisLunar Industries to Collaborate on In-Space Metal Processing

11/15/2022 | PickNik Robotics

Companies Exploring Earth-based Testing of Robotics to Support In-Space Metal-Processing for Space Debris Removal

ArcWorld HC – A Flexible Human-Collaborative Workcell for Robotic Welding

11/15/2022 | Yaskawa America, Inc.

Designed for human-collaborative interaction, the flexible ArcWorld® HC is a complete robotic welding solution for fabricating small- to medium-size parts.

Motion Plus Now Offering Line of Optomechanics

11/15/2022 | Motion Plus

Motion Plus has announced a new offering of optomechanical products. These products are ideal for use in research, light manipulation, photonics, and laser environments.

The Bot Brief

11/13/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

An Index on stocks in the Robotic Industries

Interfleet Software Integration

11/11/2022 | Meili Robots

Meili Robots's latest ebook dives into how users of mobile robots can build a bridge between different robotics technologies with the help of interfleet software integration,

5 Powerful RPA Metrics to Evaluate Robot Deployment Performance

11/08/2022 | DOBOT

In today's competitive environment, the deployment of robots does not guarantee successful automation.

Maxon Showcases Five Powerful Compact Drives At SPS 2022

11/07/2022 | Maxon

Maxon is launching five new products at the upcoming SPS trade fair in Nuremberg.

The Bot Brief

11/05/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief includes an index of robotic companies

ABAGY is launching a technological center in Chicago

11/03/2022 | Abagy Robotics Systems

The AI & machine vision software company ABAGY presented its new technology center in Wheeling, Chicago.

Emergent Vision Technologies Introduces 127.7 MP 25GigE Camera Featuring Sony IMX661 CMOS Sensor

11/03/2022 | Emergent Vision Technologies Inc.

Introducing the 127.7 MP HB-127-S, the latest addition to its award-winning Bolt 25GigE cameras. Through its 25GigE SFP28 interface, the camera captures full resolution (13400 x 9528) images at 19.9 fps.

Opto Engineering exclusive webinar

11/03/2022 | Opto Engineering S.P.A.

In syringe needle manufacturing, inspection is required to identify incorrect cap placement or, bent needles, or to check for the presence of cutters, levers, or shie

Eagle-Eyed Computers: Machine Vision and Optical Components

11/03/2022 | Knight Optical USA LLC

Currently, industry news is utterly humming with stimulating updates on machine vision developments from across the globe. As well as remarkable technological releases, Currently, industry news is utterly humming with stimulating updates on machine vision developments from across the globe. As well as remarkable technological rel

RobOpsCon Discount for A3 Members

11/01/2022 | Association for Advancing Automation

The first-ever RobOpsCon event, taking place November 14, 2022 will bring together practitioners and a leading panel of multi-disciplinary speakers across industries,

Latest Guide to Assembly Robot: Why, What and How

10/31/2022 | DOBOT

Today, we have assembly robots to construct and build the robot assembly line. It is based on a robot or robot arm, creating various products from large-scale to small item