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05/23/2022 | Applied Robotics Inc.

17 NEW Grippers designed and developed to solve many of your automation challenges without the need for air, providing you with the same precision and reliability you have come to expect, while decreasing energy usage.

3 Powerful Ways to Deploy Robotic Arms in Healthcare Industry

05/23/2022 | DOBOT

Robotic arms are becoming everyday friends of humans operating in the healthcare industry. They are qualified and nimble enough to increase credibility among manufacturers, employees, and users. Cobots can undertake diverse tasks on an automation journey.

The Bot Brief

05/22/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief reviews the week's stock performance of robotic companies and information of importance to investors

Anomaly Detection with Computer Vision

05/19/2022 | Neadvance – Machine Vision, SA

Automatic inspection systems that use computer vision are designed to assess the quality of raw materials/final products.

FRAMOS Makes Next-Generation GMSL3 Accessible for Any Embedded Vision Application

05/18/2022 | FRAMOS Technologies Inc.

FRAMOS, a global supplier of custom vision solutions and imaging components, is leading the market to integrate Analog Devices’ new GMSL3 technology in the embedded vision environment.

Seegrid Launches Online AMR Knowledge Base

05/18/2022 | Seegrid Corporation

Seegrid announced the launch of a new customer resource, Seegrid Help Center, an online knowledge base that gives Seegrid’s global logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing customers exclusive access to specialized insights and product information.

EXE Training classes - Now online the new calendar

05/18/2022 | Opto Engineering S.P.A.

Schedule your training today. The new training classes calendar is online: secure your place now!

Bosch Rexroth AMR improves safety and productivity of manufacturing facilities

05/18/2022 | Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Using Rexroth's RoKit Locator Software, the MP1000R navigates autonomously in highly-dynamic environments with out additional infrastructure.

Introducing PCCD2M, the new catadioptric lens for 360° top and lateral view

05/18/2022 | Opto Engineering S.P.A.

An all-around inspection that avoids part rotation or multi-camera systems is a must for many machine vision applications in a variety of industries.

ABB´s new Robotic Depalletizer solution reduces complexity in logistics while improving efficiency

05/17/2022 | ABB Inc.

ABB’s Robotic Depalletizer handles complex depalletizing tasks using machine vision software; can quickly assess a wide variety of box types, enabling customers to efficiently process assorted loads with very little engineering effort and short set-up time.

Neousys Edge AI Platforms Adds Support for RTX A2000 GPU and Acquires NVIDIA Server Qualification with A2 GPU

05/17/2022 | Neousys Technology America, Inc.

Neousys Rugged edge AI platforms Nuvo-7160GC series adds support for RTX A2000 GPU and acquires NVIDIA server qualification with A2 GPU.

The Bot Brief

05/15/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief reviews the performance of the companies in the robotics industry

Roboception Presents High-Resolution 3D Stereo Sensor

05/15/2022 | Roboception GmbH

Munich based technology leader Roboception GmbH expands its range of high-performance sensors for industrial 3D image processing in robotics by adding the rc_viscore high-resolution 3D stereo sensor to its product portfolio.

niop – The tailor made solution for your business

05/12/2022 | Neadvance – Machine Vision, SA

niop is a low code platform that brings to life programs to control your machines maintaining the quality required for their applications. 

How Robotics AI Developers Handle Bias

05/12/2022 | Keymakr

The Keymakr team has successfully solved similar problems of various levels of complexity since 2015. This article focuses on the critical points that you need to navigate before starting project.

How to Use DOBOT Robotic Arms in Car Manufacturing

05/12/2022 | DOBOT

The car manufacturing industry applies a robust use of robots to automate their production lines. Robotic arms have drastically changed how we operate and cover worker responsibilities. Collaborative robots assist and ease many car manufacturing tasks.

Camera manufacturer IDS Inc. celebrates 15th anniversary

05/11/2022 | IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

The company was founded 25 years ago in Obersulm, Germany. The North American subsidiary IDS Inc. followed 10 years later and thus now celebrates its 15th anniversary

Fluid-Aire Dynamics Welcomes New Sales Director

05/11/2022 | Fluid-Aire Dynamics

Fluid-Aire Dynamics, a leader in the compressed air industry, is pleased to welcome a new sales powerhouse to their team. Jeremy Gaitsch has been named National Sales Director.

ABB to exhibit its latest robotic innovations at Automate 2022

05/11/2022 | ABB Inc.

At Automate ABB will feature a selection of its recent robotic innovations. Highlights include versatile industrial and collaborative robots, software advancements that reduce programming complexity, and sophisticated robot controllers with leading motion control technologies.

Flexiv Unveils Powerful New Development Kit to Empower Robot Users

05/11/2022 | Flexiv Robotics

Flexiv's Robotic Development Kit delivers a new way to control and program robots so users can create complex customized applications with ease.

ABB Robotics unveils world’s first robot-painted art car

05/10/2022 | ABB Inc.

ABB Robotics has collaborated with two world-renowned artists, to create the world’s first robot-painted art car. ABB’s award-winning PixelPaint technology has perfectly recreated both a monochromatic design as well a tri-color geometrical patterns.

Radiant Introduces New Two-in-One Measurement Solution Combining Imaging Colorimeter and Integrated Spectrometer

05/10/2022 | Radiant Vision Systems

The new ProMetric® I-SC Solution provides a single measurement solution for spectral data capture, calibration, and imaging colorimetry for comprehensive measurement of displays and light sources.

InOrbit Announces Collaboration with Kärcher, Bringing Robot Operations Best Practices to Autonomous Cleaning

05/10/2022 | InOrbit, Inc.

InOrbit the leading provider of cloud-based robot operations (RobOps) software announces a collaboration with Kärcher, bringing new advanced capabilities to provide data management and real-time operation for the KIRA B 50 autonomous floor scrubber.


05/09/2022 | Keymakr

Suppose you still doubt whether the introduction of automated systems in your business is appropriate. In that case, we offer the main areas that are already difficult to imagine without robotization to one degree or another.

The Bot Brief

05/08/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief is a weekly commentary on the companies that are involved in the robotic industry