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Component Set - Pancake

Model: FB

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Image of Component Set - Pancake

Pancake gears consist of four main parts: Wave Generator, Flexspline, Dynamic Spline, and Circular Spline. Extremely flat and compact, these pancake gears offer the design engineer high ratios in extremely compact configurations. These low cost gears are ideal when price is a factor and zero-backlash is not required. They are available 6 frame sizes with ratios 50:1 - 160:1.

It offers the designer high ratio, in-line mechanical power transmissions in extremely compact configurations. Pancake component sets are easier to use than conventional gearing. All that is required is suitable bearing support for the input and output shaft, and a means of fixing the circular spline against rotation.

  • Flat shape type
  • High positioning and rotational accuracies
  • Low axial width
  • Easily adapted to customer supplied assembly

How it works - FB component set consists of four elements:

  • Wave generator, an elliptical bearing assembly
  • Flexspline, a non-rigid ring with external teeth
  • Circular Spline, rigid internal gear
  • Dynamic Spline, rigid internal gear

Rotation of the Wave Generator imparts a rotating elliptical shape to the Flexspline causing progressive engagement of its external teeth with the internal teeth of the Circular Spline and the Dynamic Spline. The fixed Circular Spline has two more teeth than the Flexspline, thereby imparting relative rotation to the Flexspline at a reduction ratio corresponding to the difference in the number of teeth. With the same number of teeth, the Dynamic Spline rotates with and at the same speed as the Flexspline.

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