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AC Servo Rotary Actuator

Model: SHA-SG

Harmonic Drive LLC

Image of AC Servo Rotary Actuator

SHA Series AC Servo Actuators provide high torque and highly accurate rotary operation.

These hollow shaft servo actuators utilize Harmonic Drive® precision gears combined with a brushless servomotor and magnetic absolute encoder. The SHA Series is an advanced version of the FHA series AC Servo Actuators, featuring a larger hollow shaft with a smaller, outside diameter. The SHA Series is designed to operate with REL Series and HA-800 drivers.

Key Features:

  • High torque
  • Compact, slim design
  • Large center through hole
  • Low voltage winding available for SHA25A
  • New option - low voltage winding, 48V DC to 90V DC available for some sizes.
  • Connects directly with Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSERVO-J4 SSCNET?/H
  • Connects directly with Σ-7 servo drives from Yaskawa
  • Also available to order as a “motor only”

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