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Actuator with Dual Absolute Encoders

Model: FHA-C Dual Absolute Encoders

Harmonic Drive LLC

Image of  Actuator with Dual Absolute Encoders

Introducing Dual Absolute encoder versions of the FHA-C mini actuator. Both encoders utilize BiSS-C bi-directional communication. The dual encoders are incorporated in essentially the same package size as the long-standing FHA-C mini single incremental encoder version. Without increasing the size, the dual absolute encoder offers single turn absolute position at the output, without the need for battery back-up.

Panel mount connectors come standard, and customers can choose between 4 exit options. Together, these new features offer the design engineer more flexibility and reliability.

The FHA-C mini Series is a family of extremely compact actuators that deliver high torque with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. The actuator combines a high precision Harmonic Drive® gear component with a pancake brushless servo motor. A single turn 14 bit (16384 cpr) gear output encoder has been integrated along with a single turn 14 bit (16384 cpr) motor input encoder providing a true absolute encoder that does not require a battery within 360° of rotation of the output. Typical multi-turn encoders monitoring the motor input shaft require a battery to store the current position when power is lost to the system; however, the dual absolute encoder overcomes this need. In other words, No Battery Required. When power is restored the actuator knows its position.

Key Features:

  • A pair of Single Turn Absolute Encoders on Input and Output sensing
  • Compact - significantly shorter than our multi-turn absolute encoder version
  • Minimal length difference compared to our incremental encoder version
  • Output Encoder 14 bit (16384 cpr) resolution
  • Input Encoder 14 bit (16384 cpr) resolution
  • BiSS-C bi-directional communication for both encoders
  • Compatible Drive: Copley Controls BEL or BPL
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Robust Cross Roller Output Bearing Supports High Loads
  • High torque/weight and torque/volume ratio
  • Panel mount connectors

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