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Deburring devices are end of arm tools that remove burrs, sharp edges, or fins off of the metal parts you need for your production process. Deburring increases the precision and quality of the part being ground down or filed.

Deburring devices can be programmed to apply the correct amount and type of pressure in each area of a specific part. A typical deburring device used by your robot can spin between 18,000 - 25,000 RPM, which will be more than enough to eliminate any loose metal your parts may be carrying.

These devices help to drastically improve your end product by removing imperfections and ensuring the quality of each part.

Select some deburring devices to aid in your automation project. Each device below is manufactured by our member companies using the most precise technology and high-quality materials available. Browse below to find the right deburring devices for you.




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Gear Shift Assembly Encapsulation Cell Image

Gear Shift Assembly Encapsulation Cell

Hil-Man Automation LLC

This work cell was initially designed to run 4 parts, and since then 4 more parts have been added in accordance with design changes that occurred in subsequent model years on this product line.

Press Tending Machine for Injection Molded Metal Stamping Image

Press Tending Machine for Injection Molded Metal Stamping

Hil-Man Automation LLC

This turnkey press tending machine combines insert injection molding with automated gate trimming and visual parts inspection.

Quarter Window Encapsulation Assembly Cell Image

Quarter Window Encapsulation Assembly Cell

Hil-Man Automation LLC

Hil-Man Automation was commissioned to design, build, and integrate an encapsulation work cell into an existing Honda CRV Rear Quarter Window line that would process 2 sets of windows at a time.