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Consistent, and uniform lighting is essential when you need high-quality images for your automation project. In typical industrial imaging endeavors, industrial professionals need lighting, lasers, or both.

Traditional lighting allows you to set the brightness of the entire room and or the light on a specific area of the subject you're imaging to uncover more detail.

Lasers create a sharp, focused beam which can be displayed and captured over long distances. Lasers are particularly useful for revealing the shape of an object at a single or multiple point.

Some common laser and lighting devices include:

  • Structured light emitters
  • Laser diodes
  • Backlights
  • Linear lights
  • Ring lights
  • Spotlights

The right lasers and lighting raise your throughput rates and increase the level of detail you are able to capture.

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4D WeldWatcher® Image

4D WeldWatcher®


The WeldWatcher integrates seamlessly into fully automated production lines. WeldWatcher automatically acquires data to indicate typical welding failures such as gaps between sheets, lack of fusion, and porosity.

CNC Machining Center Tooling | Live Centers Image

CNC Machining Center Tooling | Live Centers

US Korea Hotlink

USKoreaHotlink offers high precision CNC machine tooling parts. Our live centers are heat-treated to 60 ± 2 HRc with optional carbide-tipped points of 90 ± 5 HRa. Models include extended 30° and 60° points. Guaranteed accuracy of 0.003mm (0.00012") TIR.

Conveyor (Embedded) Back Lights Image

Conveyor (Embedded) Back Lights

Spectrum Illumination

The conveyor series back lights are designed to create high contrast silhouettes for Machine Vision applications while working seamlessly with QC Conveyors AS40 conveyor frame system. These lights are built using our Modular Board Technology (MBT) allowing us to make any size backlight in 1” by 2” incremental dimensions (currently offering over 25 standard sizes). They are currently available in 5 colors including infrared and directly connect to 24 VDC.

DPS-4024HA Ultra High Ambient Coplanar 3D Scanner Image

DPS-4024HA Ultra High Ambient Coplanar 3D Scanner


High-res 3D vision scanners for industrial applications: IP 67 certified for water and ingress protection. Requires no extra lighting and can be used in direct sunlight.