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Z-LASER at a Glance - Laser innovations from Germany since 1985 - Lasers for positioning, lasers for machine vision, laser projectors - More than 75,000 products sold annually - A worldwide network with over 120 employees and more than 60 trading partners - Part of the Exaktera holding company specializing in laser technologies Z-LASER Innovative Light for Better Results Innovative light for better results. This is Z-LASER’s promise and obligation. Located in the heart of the Black Forest in Freiburg, Germany, Z-LASER has been developing and producing innovative, high-quality laser solutions for over 35 years. By providing visual guidance and orientation for people as well as machines, our lasers contribute to optimizing your production processes, ensuring quality, and to using resources carefully. Sharp Lines, Complex Patterns Z-LASER’s product range includes lasers for positioning, lasers for machine vision, laser projectors, and OEM laser systems. The positioning lasers’ acute, visually distinct laser lines enable precise alignment and positioning on virtually any surface. Lasers for machine vision, in combination with an industrial camera, capture the spatial contours of moving and non-moving objects to automate optical quality control and much more. Laser projectors are an optical guidance aid for people and machines, projecting variable patterns and guidance lines for step-by-step assembly processes. And OEM laser systems are manufactured according to your specific, individual requirements. Versatile Application, Trusting Cooperation With over 120 employees and more than 60 trading partners, Z-LASER has been globally successful in numerous industries for decades. From wood processing and electronics manufacturing to textile and paper production, to the automotive and building materials industries – laser innovations from Freiburg are used wherever reliable precision and efficient high-performance processes are called for. Learn more at www.z-laser.com and follow Z-LASER on LinkedIn.

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Tobias Bürkle
Head of Sales
Telephone: +4976129644530
Merzhauser Str. 134
Germany 79100