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Image of ADL-83Y51TL Laser Diode We have standard laser diodes with 3 to 500 mW of power for the NIR spectral range from 785 to 1600 nm. In fact, the majority of the laser diodes sold in this wavelength range emit at 785, 808, 1310, and 1550 nm. Mass markets such as CD players enable the access to high quality laser diodes that emit at 785 nm and produce 3 to 200 mW of power at reasonable prices. These laser diodes are also used in measurement and sensor technology. 808 nm laser diodes Laser diodes that emit at 808 nm and produce 200 to 500 mW of power are used to pump green laser pointers. Housings We offer the smallest CD housings available with our 3.3 mm housing. Our 5.6 mm housing, on the other hand, is the best sold and thus used in the largest variety of products. The 9 mm housing is used alone in laser diodes that produce the greatest amount of power. Use our laser diode selector: You can use our laser diode configurator to find a laser diode with your desired specifications. Simply enter the necessary data and you immediately obtain an overview of suitable laser diodes. If you do not find a fitting laser diode, please contact us. We will work with you to find a solution / laser diode.

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