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We develop the EyeVision Software with tools to create machine vision solutions, simply by drag and drop.
All our tools running on all hardware platforms like  vision sensors, smart cameras, embedded systems as well as on standard PC with different
camera interfaces e.g. GigE, USB, IEEE1394, Camera Link® and CoaXPress®. EyeVision Supports WINDOWS and LINUX as operating Systems.
Based on the EVT tools we create OEM and industry solutions for, e.g. semiconductor, food, automotive, rubber, drug, solar amongst others.
Our main product is the EyeVision Software, which is adapted to all hardware platforms, and is available as a graphic programmable tool
as well as a library or a script based solution toolset.
To support special industries EVT develops also specialized hardware, which is not available elsewhere in the market, like the smart linescan
camera Jupiter, or the Mercure Area Scan smart camera, based on a dual core 1.5 GHz ARM FPGA design.