Smart Vision Lights Product

Adjustable Tight Focus Prox Light

Model: SA30

Smart Vision Lights

Image of Adjustable Tight Focus Prox Light The SA30 is an adjustable tight focus spot light. Integrated optics allow the ability to increase or decrease the size of this tight focused spot by simply extending or retracting the outer barrel of the light. Once the ideal size spot is achieved, a set screw is tightened to hold the barrel in place. This gives the user the flexibility to adjust the spot as needed. The SA30 has an integrated constant current SMART DRIVER pioneered by SVL. The driver features continuous on mode, NPN/PNP strobe triggering, analog 0-10V remote intensity control, and external manual potentiometer for brightness adjustment. Wavelengths: Ultraviolet 365 & 395nm, blue 470nm, cyan 505nm, green 530nm, red 625nm, infrared 850 & 940nm.

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