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Within DC motor control systems, servo drives amplify command signals and transmit electric currents to servo motors. They are integral to the effective production of motion with the ideal velocity, position, and/or torque for an application. DC servo drives constantly work to adapt performance based upon data received from a sensor within the servo motor. They ensure that each DC motor is able to constantly adapt to a wide variety of performance-related variables.

DC servo drives specifically provide for precise position and speed control within the closed loop systems of brushed or brushless DC motor control systems. These drives increase the motor's life cycle.

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Actuator with Integrated Servo Drive Image

Actuator with Integrated Servo Drive

Harmonic Drive LLC

The actuator features an integrated servo drive utilizing CANopen® communication. This evolutionary product eliminates the need for an external drive and greatly improves wiring while retaining high-positional accuracy and torsional stiffness in a compact housing. Ideal for use in robotics.

Atlas® Ultra-compact Digital Amplifier Image

Atlas® Ultra-compact Digital Amplifier

Performance Motion Devices

Atlas Digital Amplifiers are compact single-axis amplifiers that provide high-performance torque control for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors.

AxCent™ Analog Servo Drives Image

AxCent™ Analog Servo Drives

ADVANCED Motion Controls

The AxCent™ product platform encompasses the non-digital architecture servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls® including: panel mount, pcb mount and vehicle mount servo drives.

Custom Servo Drives Image

Custom Servo Drives

ADVANCED Motion Controls

One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is our willingness to make custom servo drives and other products. Today, custom products make up about one third of our business.

DigiFlex Performance Digital Servo Drives Image

DigiFlex Performance Digital Servo Drives

ADVANCED Motion Controls

DigiFlex® Performance™ are ADVANCED Motion Controls' largest selection of digital servo drives with a wide range of power levels available in PCB mount, panel mount, and vehicle mount form factors.