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Our member companies are expert system integrators with years of experience in the automation industry helping manufacturing professionals like you research, rate and select the exact automation system your team needs to reduce or eliminate manual processes.

Once you select your automation system, our member companies can handle every step of the system integration process, from design to installation. These experts can also continue working with your team after integration to ensure your system is always running optimally and with the latest and most efficient technology.

Each company listed below is a handpicked member of our organization and specializes in a unique area of manufacturing automation. Browse below to find the right automation system integrator who can help you and your team integrate the right automation system for your needs.




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AV&R's Robotic Polishing Systems


Our team has developed automated polishing systems to polish manufacturing parts ensuring a consistent surface finish that keeps within your tight tolerances.

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AV&R's Robotic Profiling Systems


AV&R’s automated profiling systems create high precision elliptical profiles on blades and vanes according to engineering designs. Their adaptive and closed-loop capabilities allow them to reach a ± 25 micron tolerance (± 0.9 thousandth of an inch or 0.025 millimeters).

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Customer Service & Training

Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company

Whether you need preventative maintenance, replacement parts, repairs, or 24/7 system support, we're here to help

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Factory Acceptance Test

Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company

Ensure a smooth startup and enhance productivity with a factory acceptance test.

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FactorySmart AI

LMI Technologies Inc.

Introducing FactorySmart AI — a full-service solution for your needs. Unlike many rule-based systems that require you to develop a one-size-fits-all model, we develop and deploy a custom AI solution to solve your high variability inspection applications.

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Finding the Right Rotary Encoder

Everight Position Technologies Corp

Rotary encoders that meet specs and price of a project. At Everight Position we strive to help our customers find the best sensors for their application at the most economic cost possible.

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Manufacturing Services


We apply the latest in advanced manufacturing techniques combined with Lean Six Sigma principles to bring your products to market—better, faster and smarter. Recognized for operational excellence and quality for highly regulated markets, we help you realize your vision—from new product launch to high-level systems assembly and ultra-high volume automated assembly.