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Motion Ai is a one-stop-shop for custom solutions to the automation and motion control problems most businesses face.

We’ve brought together the best minds in industrial automation from across the United States. The expertise found in our diverse group of engineers and products specialists includes all areas of automation technologies, from machine and motion control to pneumatics, robotics, machine vision, digital networking/IIoT, industrial framing, and mechatronic systems.

We customize solutions for clients in every industry. Our expertise and national distribution network— which includes locations throughout the United States, hundreds of suppliers who manufacture best-in-class products, and a team of brilliant engineers who understand industrial automation inside and out—allow us to bring personalized, regional service to OEMs, integrators, and in-house end-users.

We are primed to solve your most deeply challenging machine and motion control issues.

Automation Opportunities

The demand for higher equipment utilization rates and faster changeovers in manufacturing has opened the opportunity for an increasingly rapid paced growth in automation. Additionally, with labor supply contraction, the gaps in skilled labor, and a rise in reshoring, US manufacturing has created an even stronger interest in investing in automation. We are positioned to seize these opportunities with elite-level expertise, providing customers with custom automation and robotic solutions.

Comprehensive Strategy

While we are often the critical link between suppliers and customers, our engineering expertise and vast distribution network serve to implement automation solutions for a diverse set of end markets and applications. Many industries, including semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, logistics, automotive, aerospace and many more benefit from our team applying best-in-class products and services with our engineered systems.

A Methodical Approach

Our belief is that partnering closely with our customers and suppliers on automation applications and product development projects is the key to success. Our principles of engineering product designs, developing proofs of concept, and deploying automation builds yield successful digital transformation in manufacturing environments. We approach each opportunity as consultants, and we engineer the best solutions based on customers’ unique needs.

Simplicity for Our Customers

At times, the needs of our customers are for components only (customer applies and installs). At other times, our customers require sub-assemblies of components (packaged for customers to seamlessly connect to portions of existing machines). Lastly, there are some applications where we will provide in-depth engineered solutions (fully mounted, installed on a custom base, ready for full operation). All our services, from the simplest to the most complicated, are backed by high level support from our system and engineering teams.

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