Robot Simulation Software: The Value for Manufacturers

robot simulation softwareRobot simulation software is making robotic automation a viable option for nearly any manufacturer. It's used during the quoting and concept stage to provide proof of design, proof of process and to maximize a robot user's automation investment.

There are many reasons most robotic system integrators use some form of robot simultion software in their integration projects. But what are the benefits to manufacturers? Why should a manufacturer be interested in robot simulation software?

The Importance of Robot Simulation Software

Simply put, robot simulation software minimizes the risks associated with automation. Much of the integration process is completed before anything is assembled on your factory floor. A proper simulation helps ensure you’re receiving the best system for your application.

Computing capability is constantly improving, as well as becoming cheaper, making robot simulation more and more important to finding a system that will help you stay competitive in your industry.

3 Benefits of Robot Simulation Software

A manufacturer benefits in many ways from advanced robot simulation software. However, there are three main ways a manufacturer directly and immediately benefits:

  1. Proof of Design

Often times, robotic systems are not one-size-fits-all. Robot simulation software helps fine tune and customize robotic design to ensure the system will fit seamlessly with existing production processes and equipment. If loading or unloading your automation system creates bottlenecks, it defeats the entire purpose of automation.

  1. Proof of Process

Robot simulation software can prove the effectiveness of an automation system. With accurate, detailed simulation you can be sure a robotic system will meet your cycle time and efficiency goals.  Without this simulation, you're taking a big risk that the proposed system will operate correctly for your application.

  1. Maximize Your Investment

Once a simulation is complete, the end result is typically downloadable software programming for your robotic application – so the real system will match the simulation exactly. Robot simulation software ensures potential flaws aren’t designed into the system and your robotic system functions precisely as anticipated. You maximize the return on your investment when you get the best possible automation system.

There are many other benefits to leveraging a system integrator with advanced robot simulation software, but the three mentioned above are some of the most important for protecting your investment and finding the highest levels of productivity.

Robot simulation software reduces the risks of automation. As computing power increases and simultaneously becomes cheaper, simulations will become more advanced and enable even more widespread automation. To learn about the future of robot simulation software, register for our free webinar "Robot Simulation Software."