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Compliance and alignment devices are often cylindrical pieces that sit at the end of your robot's arm and allow your robots to insert pieces, make corrections when parts are misaligned or skewed, compensate for part placing inaccuracies, and reduce jamming or mating parts.

Some examples of compliance and alignment devices include:

  • Compliance wrists
  • Compensation units
  • Couplers
  • Force sensors
  • And more

During production, you will inevitably run into hiccups, machine errors and failures on your production floor. Compliance and alignment devices help to correct those errors and keep your automation project on schedule.

The devices listed below were designed by our member companies using the highest quality materials to accomplish a wide variety of industrial compliance and alignment tasks. Browse below to find out which compliance and alignment devices are right for you.




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Gear Shift Assembly Encapsulation Cell Image

Gear Shift Assembly Encapsulation Cell

Hil-Man Automation LLC

This work cell was initially designed to run 4 parts, and since then 4 more parts have been added in accordance with design changes that occurred in subsequent model years on this product line.

Press Tending Machine for Injection Molded Metal Stamping Image

Press Tending Machine for Injection Molded Metal Stamping

Hil-Man Automation LLC

This turnkey press tending machine combines insert injection molding with automated gate trimming and visual parts inspection.

Quarter Window Encapsulation Assembly Cell Image

Quarter Window Encapsulation Assembly Cell

Hil-Man Automation LLC

Hil-Man Automation was commissioned to design, build, and integrate an encapsulation work cell into an existing Honda CRV Rear Quarter Window line that would process 2 sets of windows at a time.