Evaluating What Challenges Your Machine Vision Software Should Address

Evaluating What Challenges Your Machine Vision Software Should AddressMachine vision has expanded its reach to a large number of industries and niches. And the companies that rely on machine vision software have a large number of specific needs for their individual applications.

What do you use machine vision for at your facility? Inspection? Assembly? Identification? Whether it’s one or more of these factors or something else entirely, you and your fellow users often need customized software packages to work efficiently.

Pick the Right Machine Vision Software

Choosing the right software is just as important as selecting the correct hardware for your machine vision solution. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your machine vision software.

Graphical User Interface

The graphical user interface (GUI) is key for you and your users. Choosing a GUI that lines up clearly with your processes will make programming easier for you and operation easier for your users. Some GUIs are simple, which may be just what you need for fast deployment. Others are more complex and customizable. They might require more time to set up, but they will offer you access to required specialized features and functions.

Code-Based Packages

Code-based machine vision software packages require additional expertise. They are often more difficult to program than GUI systems but are much more flexible and customizable. They are especially useful for inspection applications because of the wide range of variables that can occur. GUI systems may not require a traditional programmer for all applications. But code-based packages will often require some level of programming.

Operator Requirements

Your users’ requirements will help you decide on which machine vision software to choose. Some software operators need to be able to periodically change parameters, such as acceptance tolerances for inspection. Some may need security lockouts to stop unauthorized users from accessing the software or changing parameters. The amount of training and experience your users have may affect the design of the software.

Inspection Software

Due to the complexity of the inspection process, many inspection-specific packages exist. You may need one of these packages for your machine vision inspection application. Machine vision software comes in different forms, such as “C” libraries, ActiveX controls, and Point & Click programming environments. They may accomplish a single function or carry out a suite of capabilities.

Implementing the right machine vision software is not a task to be taken lightly. The software must line up with the application’s requirements. The time required for development, installation, and integration must be considered, as well as the training, project management, and maintenance costs.


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