Finding Machine Vision Manufacturers, Distributors & More!

The machine vision industry is growing fast. There are more thought leaders, more companies, more standards, and more products. AIA’s Vision Online website is the resource that makes navigating the industry simple and even fun.

AIA, the Global Association for Vision Information, has crafted its site to be comprehensive and easy to use. Machine vision professionals now have a complete guide to the machine vision world in one online destination.

Some of the site’s key features include:

Search by Product, Service, or Company Type

Vision Online maintains a database of dozens of product and service categories to instantly locate any component or other technology. Searching by company type allows the queries be refined even further, highlighting OEMs, integrators, solution architects, distributors, consultants, and component suppliers. All the key players are represented.

The Leading Directory of Company Profiles

The machine vision industry encompasses businesses of all types: From multinationals to startups. Vision Online provides complete listings of member companies to understand each one at a glance. Company profiles include vital details like a summary, industry role, products, videos, and news. Brands holding AIA certifications can also list them here.

The Latest News and Career Resources

The Vision Online news archives include pieces about new product releases and overall industry trends. Newcomers and mid-career professionals alike can keep their fingers on the pulse of the global push for better vision technology.

Vision Standards at a Glance

The drive for better vision equipment standardization is helping engineers around the world to achieve more. Still, sorting out compliance and inter-operability can be time-consuming. Our Vision Standards information includes executive summaries of all the major vision standards and a specialized search function to find the companies that adhere to them.

The Best Certifications and Education

Vision Online is the home of leading credentials recognized and respected around the globe. These include the AIA Certified System Integrator Program and Certified Vision Professional (CVP) Basic and Advanced. Quality videos, whitepapers, webinars, and other resources support the unending professional quest to be the best.

Events that Make an Impact

AIA sponsors major events like the Canadian Machine Vision Conference, The AIA Vision Show, and many A3 conferences. In addition, dozens of specialized events take place in person and online throughout the year. Members and non-members alike are welcome to browse and search the ever-growing event directory.

AIA Vision Online makes it easy to stay informed, engaged, and excited about the fast-paced vision industry. It’s available in many languages and free to AIA members and non-members.

For machine vision professionals, Vision Online is the place to be.