Automate 2023

Why Cobots are the First Choice

Why Cobots are the First Choice

Adam Willea, District Manager, FANUC America

If you are a small- to medium-sized company considering your first robot, it's more than likely that a cobot has risen to the top of your list of choices.   There are so many reasons to consider a cobot, including: 

  • Scalability: Cobots are ideal for low-volume/high-mix production rates that require frequent part changeover, so having the flexibility to scale is a must.
  • Labor solution: You struggle to hire and retain enough workers to keep up with customer orders.  Plus, you may be utilizing your skilled employees to do the dull and repetitive jobs that are better suited to automation.  A cobot will allow your team to focus on higher-level tasks that only people can do.
  • Easy to Use: Cobots are easy to set up and teach – in fact most companies can run production the very first day the cobot arrives.

Bottom line? Cobots are already helping companies achieve higher productivity, reliable operations, and higher profits.  If you're thinking about using a cobot, this session is for you.   


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