Automate 2023

Using Git to Achieve Your IT/OT Convergence Goals

Using Git to Achieve Your IT/OT Convergence Goals

Adam Gluck - Founder & CEO, Copia Automation

In the industrial automation space, information technology (IT) teams and operational technology (OT) teams have been living in different universes. Despite new opportunities for collaboration, many industrial companies today are still managing two separate IT and OT technology stacks. As the amount of software driving industrial operations has increased, the desire to have IT manage the infrastructure for both IT and OT has emerged. The ultimate goal for this alignment is to drive greater operational efficiency and ownership across the organization. Git-based source control offers an easy path to bridge the gap between existing industrial technologies and modern software toolchains. ITs familiarity with Git, coupled with its ability to instantly improve access control and traceability, makes it a low-risk solution to implement, and enables OT teams to improve development workflows when used with other modern tools that are now available to industrials. The alignment allows IT teams to abstract away OT toolchains and focus on supporting infrastructure they are familiar with. They can then better leverage their existing infrastructure, reduce maintenance overhead, standardize where data storage occurs, enable auditability and traceability, and improve security.


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