Automate 2023

Unlocking the Productivity of AGVs and AMRs

Unlocking the Productivity of AGVs and AMRs

David Northup - Director of Product Management, OTTO Motors

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have served the industrial world well for decades. Repeatedly and reliably executing the same material handling tasks, AGVs provide the safety, reliability, and business continuity human material handlers can not. However, in the last few years, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have started displacing AGVs due to their dynamic decision-making, creating a system that is as safe as an AGV, but as flexible as a human driver. Manufacturing and warehousing decision-makers are now faced with a difficult choice: Simplicity and predictability or intelligence and flexibility? This talk asks, “Why not both?”

In this session, we will share new trends that will help manufacturers get the best of AGVs and the AMRs. Specifically, we will discuss:

  • The reasons that both AGV and AMR technologies have their place in factories and warehouses
  • How AGV vendors are adopting AMR technology
  • How AMR vendors are adopting AGV capabilities
  • Evolving standards that apply to both AGVs and AMRs
  • Tracking technology that can help dynamic systems become aware of less dynamic systems and make decisions accordingly
  • Third-party management vendors managing both AGVs and AMRs in a single console


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