Automate 2023

The Key to Virtual Factories

The Key to Virtual Factories

Ricardo Burnanello - SVP, IoT Platforms, Telit IoT Solutions Inc.

The connected factory is democratizing another innovation - the virtual factory. Without critical asset connection at the IoT edge, the virtual factory couldn't have been realized by anything other than brand-new factories and technology implementations. The benefits of virtual factory technologies like digital twin are within reach for greenfield and legacy implementations. The industry used to see a distinction between IoT-enabled greenfield technology in new factories and legacy technology in older ones. Data flowed seamlessly from IoT-enabled machines to enterprise systems or the cloud for advanced analytics in new factories' connected assets. In older factories, while data wanted to move to the enterprise systems or the cloud, it hit countless walls. No matter the age of the factory or equipment, everything looks alike. When manufacturing companies invest in machines, the expectation is this asset will be used for a decade or more. It is important to have technologies available to new and legacy machines and systems.  

In this session, Telit -  a global enabler of the Internet of Things - will discuss:   

  • How data collection is the foundational element of the Internet of Things (IoT). Many business initiatives would benefit from unlocking the real-time data in their machines and devices on the shop floor.
  • How open protocols aren't optimized for connecting to each machine. Organizations need tools and optimized drivers to connect to the machines, cut latency time and get the data to where it needs to be in the appropriate format to save costs.
  • How to get and use data to improve overall equipment effectiveness. OEE applications can calculate how many good and bad parts were produced compared to the machine's capacity. OEE is a living metrics combination that points operational technologists to the levers they must pull to improve business performance.


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