Automate 2023

The Convergence of IT and OT Technologies

The Convergence of IT and OT Technologies

Mike Lashbrook - Vice President, Digital Solutions, JR Automation

As every industrial company progresses on its journey to realizing Industry 4.0, there are tremendous opportunities to capture value and increase productivity.  At the same time there are common pitfalls that can slow teams and siphon time, energy, and investment.  With the drastic increase of automation recently driven by onshoring and labor shortages, never before has the need for industrial automation and digital transformation been greater.  By understanding the availability of solutions and matching those with a company’s present condition, greater success can be achieved.

This discussion will be focused on practical ways to achieve the convergence of IT and OT technologies based on JR Automation and Hitachi’s experiences developing IT/OT custom solutions as well as the INGENOVA360 solution suite.  These insights will help customers of all sizes realize their Industry 4.0 ambitions by providing real-world solutions to address:

  • Key challenges of digital transformation
  • Top opportunities for digital in the future
  • Practical first steps to start the journey
  • Viewpoints on short and mid-term technologies
  • Why your digital transformation needs to start on the factory floor 


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