Automate 2023

Smart Mobile Robots Using 5G Private Networks

Smart Mobile Robots Using 5G Private Networks

Per Treven - Director Business Development, Manufacturing, Ericsson

In the future, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) will drive business impact across a spectrum of manufacturing cases. They can reduce human risks, work with greater reliability, reduce downtime, lower costs and deliver higher productivity and quality. Integrated with AI, Lidar sensors, 3D cameras, mapping software, and portable laser trackers, AMRs can navigate safely and perform automated tasks. However, the lack of ubiquitous wireless connectivity can inhibit the pace at which AMRs become automated and mobile. To enable free movement, manufacturers will need to process and manage large amounts of data, as well as have highly reliable, low-latency connectivity that is secure and able to provide real-time data transfer. 5G private cellular networks can provide this level of connectivity supporting ultralow latency and connection speeds exceeding 2 Gbps. With 5G, AMRs can move throughout the factory with positional accuracy and can maneuver freely in a facility with a high density of connected devices. One of the advantages of 5G private cellular networks is they can be built using shared spectrum like Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). They also provide the network density necessary to support ultrareliable networking and stand-alone 5G, which is required for ultralow latency communications and is not yet supported by public 5G networks. However, to successfully design and implement a private cellular network great care needs to be taken in the IT/OT architecture as well as the IoT platform to ensure the foundation is laid for additional manufacturing use cases. In this session, we'll explore the journey Ericsson went through to deploy AMRs in its Lewisville, TX smart factory using a CBRS-based private cellular network. We'll evaluate the vendor selection process and the collaboration model that enabled a successful implementation. 


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