Automate 2023

Optical Filters in Non-Visible/Visible Application

Optical Filters in Non-Visible/Visible Application

Georgy Das - Director of Systems and Training, Midwest Optical Systems

Whether in a complex automated process or a simple barcode reader, optical filters are vital to obtaining high-quality images that are consistent and repeatable. In simple terms, optical filters control the type and amount of light entering the imaging system. Additionally, they can be designed to protect the lens and system. Knowing why, when, and how to use optical filters to control lighting is the key to using them efficiently. By using filters, users can easily maximize contrast, improve color rendition, improve subject, and feature recognition, establish repeatability with the imaging system, and otherwise control light reflected from an object. As part of this presentation, we will explore real-world visible and non-visible imaging applications being used in the field, as well as how optical filters play a vital role in producing consistent, reproducible results. 


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