Automate 2023

LiDAR Data Pre-Processing: Challenges & Solutions

LiDAR Data Pre-Processing: Challenges & Solutions

Murat Atalay, Director of Customer Engagement and Solutions, Outsight

Beyond automotive applications, a wide range of other automation use cases can also benefit from the value of 3D LiDAR data. These use cases include mobile robots (AMR, AGV), but they also include applications for safety, security, monitoring people flow, and industrial use. With increasing performance and decreasing costs, LiDAR sensors have the potential to change how machines perceive and interact with the world. However, effectively using LiDAR data in real-time is a complex, expensive, and a long endeavour even for the best 3D expert engineers. The lack of any standard makes it also even more challenging and threatens to slow down market adoption. In this presentation will show how a new category of software, a real-time pre-processing engine, changes the game, allowing application developers and integrators to seamlessly use LiDAR data from any hardware supplier. Specific use cases and real-life LiDAR recordings will be used to illustrate the practical applications.


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