Automate 2023

Leveraging TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking)

Leveraging TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking)

Thomas J Burke - Global Strategic Advisor, CC Link Partner Association (CLPA)

What is the buzz about the many technology innovations available -- and how do we achieve our goal of a digital transformation by leveraging these mystical, magical technical innovations? Digital transformation really relies on connecting all these disparate devices and networks and gathering data and transforming it into information that can be shared between operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT). One of the essential parts of connectivity is ensuring the reliability of the data being acquired from these disparate devices and networks. When you are making intelligent decisions and converting the data into information, it's very important that you are getting reliable data to make these intelligent analytical decisions. Sampling data needs to be deterministic to make intelligent conversions of the data. Writing data down to these disparate devices and networks must also be deterministic. When you are changing the set point of some device, you need to guarantee that the data is written according to the timing specified. This session focuses on leveraging the best technological innovations to help you achieve your digital transformation and specifically focuses on connectivity and communication between devices in the OT world, as well as transforming data into information and sharing that information from the OT world into the IT world. It will also cover accuracy and reliability of data for digital transformation. Learn how all the industrial Ethernet standards organizations are working together to leverage TSN technology and provide the ability for control and configuration applications to run simultaneously on the same physical wire. Also, it allows the highest speed performance and deterministic data reliability. 


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