Automate 2023

Industrial Robotics AI and Its Applications

Industrial Robotics AI and Its Applications

Eugen Solowjow - Head of Research Group, Siemens

Over the last years, the combination of AI, machine learning and robotics started to transition from lab applications to production facilities. These advanced robotic systems enable the automation of industrial processes that were impossible to automate up until now. They are highly flexible and require a minimum of set up and calibration time. The underlying deep learning-based methods are increasingly reaching a maturity level that is sufficient for industrial applications. We see products and offerings in various robotics domains and impressive growth. In this talk, we present the underlying fundamentals and trends of Robotics AI. We will cover how Robotics AI is applied in e-commerce order fulfillment, assembly, and inspection by presenting real-world use cases. We will discuss how Robotics AI can benefit system integrators and end-customers. Moreover, the talk will focus on industrial-grade requirements, simplicity of use (without being an AI expert), and how AI solutions can be evaluated.


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