Automate 2023

Increase Speed & Throughput with AI-Powered Robots

Increase Speed & Throughput with AI-Powered Robots

Anne Marie Neatham, Chief Operations Officer, Kindred

Innovation has moved beyond automation and robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now the emerging technology proving to increase e-commerce speed, throughput, accuracy, and transparency. Implementing AI into business operations can generate financial advantages, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. They estimate that corporations who are early adopters of AI can potentially double their cash flow and gain three times more economic benefits from AI than late adopters. Anne Marie Neatham, Kindred COO, will detail how AI is transforming fulfillment centers and helping supply chain leaders meet ever-increasing volume demands. In addition, AI delivers real-time, actionable data that drives operational efficiencies and provides competitive advantages in the marketplace. Executives and managers responsible for improving service levels in e-retail, parcel and logistics environments will gain the knowledge to make confident business investments in AI.  

Attendees will learn how:  

  • AI-powered robots pick, place, and handle item sets with a variety of shapes, surface textures,  weights, and materials.
  • Using AI-powered machine vision, grasping, and manipulation software platforms, AI robotics become smarter, faster, and more efficient over time as they learn from the whole robotic fleet.
  • To integrate AI into your automated e-commerce, parcel, and material handling operations.
  • To make faster decisions using real-time data and business metrics derived from AI, on sorting speed, order matching rate and throughput.
  • AI robotic systems and employees can collaborate to triple productivity and mitigate workforce shortages.
  • Financial models like Robots as a Service (RaaS) help accelerate implementation and provide return-on-investment (ROI) almost immediately.


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