Automate 2023

How Automation Can Drive Speed to Market

How Automation Can Drive Speed to Market

Riley Hall - Director of Product Marketing, Fictiv

For many engineering teams, custom part sourcing is fraught with manual workflows that create drag in new product development and limit team productivity and time-to-market. To help manufacturing leaders address this issue, this session will explore opportunities to leverage automation in low-volume custom manufacturing, accelerating product development and reducing costs and quality issues associated with managing a fragmented custom parts supply chain.  Using case studies and best practices from leading enterprise organizations, Riley Hall, Director of Product Marketing, Fictiv, the operating system for custom manufacturing that makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to source and supply custom mechanical parts, will help attendees understand the steps to take to simplify and streamline their custom parts supply chain using the power of automation. Relevant to any room where business leaders gather, Riley's front-line experiences at both Fictiv and industrial manufacturing companies, coupled with his objective insights and inspirational presentation style, will frame a must-see session for attendees searching for answers in the age of global supply chain uncertainty. 


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