Automate 2023

Cybersecurity for Smart Machines

Cybersecurity for Smart Machines

Nivedita Ojha - VP of Product, FORT Robotics

In today’s machine landscape, cybersecurity threats can have serious physical consequences. A machine security breach could cause much more than a loss of data; it could cripple production, damage property, and worst of all– put worker safety at risk. But how can you secure a machine when it’s part of a complex ecosystem? While a machine itself may be secure in isolation, what happens when it’s functioning in a real-world environment and communicating with other connected machines, mobile devices, networks, and cloud services? Protecting against these risks and successfully deploying machines in a connected worksite requires a new approach to security. A comprehensive and integrated strategy for both IT and OT is required. 

In this session, FORT VP of Product Nivedita Ojha will discuss how machine developers, integrators, and users can lay a secure foundation for their applications by planning for security risks before they happen. We’ll discuss approaches for:

  • Limiting risk for automated and autonomous systems  
  • Integrating IT and OT strategies such as Zero Trust and Least Privilege
  • Establishing trusted communications with smart machines


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