Automate 2023

Commercial Automation Solutions

Commercial Automation Solutions

Matthew Wicks - Sr. Director of Products and Engineering, Zebra-Fetch Robotics

Industries from logistics to agriculture to healthcare services to manufacturing are now harnessing the power of flexible, scalable AMR technology to automate a wide range of tasks to address challenges in their respective markets. Innovating companies, from startups to large enterprises, are now turning their automation visions into reality by leveraging flexible, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) driven by intelligent cloud software. In this session, we will discuss various vertical solutions and how mobile robotic technology can optimize workflows in environments as diverse as manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and healthcare services. AMRs now play a vital role in each of these operations and often collaborate with a human workforce. From automatically transporting parts and components in manufacturing facilities to turn-key fulfillment operations in logistics, mobile robotics can help increase throughput, regain floor space, and allow existing staff to focus on higher value-added actions. In agriculture and climate tech, mobile robots are helping to farm more efficiently, reducing food waste. And in hospitals around the country, service robots assist clinical staff by handling routine tasks. Join us in this session as we review these unique implementations of AMRs, and illustrate the value that a powerful mobile robotics platform can bring to multiple use cases across several vertical markets.


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