Automate 2023

Cobots in Fortune 500 Manufacturing

Cobots in Fortune 500 Manufacturing

Joe Campbell, Head of Strategic Marketing, Universal Robots

Collaborative robots have opened up new opportunities for automation in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies who are struggling with the manufacturing labor crisis. These companies are often new to automation, with limited experience and resources, and cobots have brought significant improvements in productivity and machine utilization. But are cobots finding homes in large companies, those with deep automation experience and resources? The answer is a resounding YES! Joe Campbell from Universal Robots will talk about the different approaches large companies are taking with collaborative automation and what benefits they are generating with cobots. Joe will also present multiple large company case studies from major application segments. 

Key Learnings: 

  • The basics of collaborative robot technology and how to get started
  • The unique cost savings available from collaborative automation
  • Real-world case studies of manufacturers boosting productivity with collaborative robots


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