Automate 2023

Build vs. Buy

Build vs. Buy

Shanif Merchant - Chief Product Officer, Numurus

Small to medium-sized robot OEMs are faced with many challenges when they set out to build products to address customers' demand to adopt industrial automation solutions that are at the cusp of significant expansion due to the acute labor shortages around the globe. These companies are often, and understandably, focused on achieving higher-level outcomes for their end-customers of robot reliability, accuracy, ease of use and cost. Building software for a robot is a complex endeavor requiring integrating a variety of software packages and an extensible operating system that can host complex robot applications and enable smarter connected devices through 4th industry technologies of EdgeAI, Cloud and IoT. The speaker will discuss the important considerations leaders of small and medium-sized robotics businesses must take into account as they deliberate the operating system build vs. buy decision. The considerations the speaker will address include: open-source vs. closed-source operating systems, EdgeAI, artificial intelligence life cycle management, and development and sustainment costs. 


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