Automate 2023

Automated Manufacturing Scale-Up

Automated Manufacturing Scale-Up

Chris Knorr - VP Business Development, North America, Eclipse Automation part of Accenture

Many manufacturers launching new products are challenged with how to scale their manufacturing operations, with capital equipment investment being a major consideration. The old saying of ‘failing to plan is a plan to fail' holds very true as it relates to creating a manufacturing scale-up roadmap. Investing in early planning can help ensure a successful manufacturing ramp-up and optimize ROI by planning the right amount of capital spend at the right time. This session will provide you with key considerations to implement the right automated manufacturing ramp-up plan for your new product manufacturing scale-up, including:

  • Implementation of a phased ramp-up plan
  • Automation concept development
  • Considerations for autonomous operation
  • Use of digital technologies for concept development
  • Early planning of data architectures
  • Mitigation of new automated process risks

By creating a well-thought-out plan, mitigating risks early -- and choosing the right partners for success, you can optimize your CAPEX spending and deliver on time and on budget. 


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