Automate 2023

AMRs Move Harmonious Factory Automation Workflows

AMRs Move Harmonious Factory Automation Workflows

Armando Gonzalez - Business Leader of AMR/Robotics for North America, Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Imagine this scenario - you're a manufacturer who wants to automate multiple stages of your production process. You've set up a workflow so that product travels down a pallet-based conveyor line built on an aluminum framing base, powered by automated drives and controls and outfitted with cartesian robots for handling or pressing the product as it moves through the various stages of line. Once the product has completed one automated workflow, it will need to be transferred to the next. Rather than having a worker watch the line and run product back and forth throughout the day, an AMR can be integrated into the workflow to keep processes running smoothly. Ultimately, it's important to remember that an AMR is most effective when it integrates into a comprehensive factory automation system. Autonomous mobile robots compliment other key factory automation solutions, including conveyors, aluminum framing, linear motion systems, and more. It's not just an AMR. It's one component of a complete automation ecosystem. 


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