Automate 2023

AGVs/AMRs in Logistics & Manufacturing

AGVs/AMRs in Logistics & Manufacturing

Matt Wade - VP of Marketing, BlueBotics

Matthew Slack - Business Development Lead, Oceaneering Mobile Robotics

The mobile robotics market is thriving owing to the increased challenges around hiring and skill availability of the staff and the need to build competitive and resilient businesses. Despite the many advantages, determining the value mobile robotics brings to your operations and making a business case for its adoption remains challenging. In this informative session, the CEO of BlueBotics will walk you through the process. Dr. Nicola Tomatis, CEO of BlueBotics will first highlight the top level of business argumentation: the most common factors driving the AGV/AMR adoption. Further, he will outline the specifics of building a business case to meet business needs, explaining the numerous aspects to consider when looking to determine value. Additionally, he will compare the capital costs of each type to the operational costs over time, as well as look at how different project complexities can affect installation expenses -- as well as explore how varying levels of automation affect a vehicle's return on investment.


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