What We Learn from Record Sales of Robots and the Need

A world where products and components are getting smaller with updates happening in faster cycle times is driving robotics sales to record highs. For the third year in a row, worldwide industrial robot sales rose by 8 percent. The International Federation of Robotics noted that “the number of industrial robots sold worldwide surpassed the 240,000 unit mark for the first time.”

The automotive and electronics industries led the increase in sales, but all industries are making greater use of robots to be more productive and profitable.

Using robots in their many different forms is no longer optional for companies that want to compete for market share on a regional or global scale. New technology has benefits but it also raises questions on the best ways to maximize its uses, best practices, and how to leverage it long-term.

Struggling to answer those questions requires getting input and practical answers from people in the know. Knowing where to find those people is key. Read on and learn how to use the website of a global robotics association for your benefit.

See the Experiences of Others

A small or mid-size company in the United States has the potential to become a world-class operation with the effective use of automation. You’ve heard about error-free production with robots and wonder how your company can get involved and make a smart investment in technology.

A good place to start is the video series Why I Automate, on A3. Each video is only a few minutes long and shows the types of automation companies in a variety of industries are using.

This is one of the resources available in an eco-system of technology. A3Automate is like a doorway that you can step through to access memberships and resources focused on robotics, machine vision, and motion control.

Learn from the Experiences of Others

Take a closer look at the world of robots with the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) website. Free resources are easy to access and memberships are available for everyone from robotics manufacturers and end users to system integrators and educators. Self-education is an important benefit as seen on RIA’s Robotic Resources page.

For companies that will upgrade or invest in robotics for the first time, various tools on the website can help in making decisions.

How do you know that an investment will really pay off? Break down the possible purchase into dollars and cents using the ROI calculator. Combine the findings with articles on the RIA website like Calculating Your ROI for Robotic Automation: Cost vs. Cash Flow. The write-up shows the value of long-term thinking focusing on growth and not just recouping the costs.

Now you have some numbers plus a reference article featuring an expert perspective on the issue.

Dig deeper and get further input related to your specific situation. Log on to the Ask the Experts page or download resources like RIA’s White Paper on Collaborative Robots.

Working with a systems integrator who’s respected in the industry will be beneficial. Scroll through the Integrator Certification program to learn how RIA certifies integrators and holds them to the industry’s highest standards.

As robotics sales continue to climb and the types of robots available to purchase increase, there will be more to learn and more decisions to make. Being in the right place and associating with trusted advisors facilitates learning and making decisions that lead to greater productivity and profitability.

Stay informed on developments surrounding automation with the resources on A3.