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The Bot Brief

09/25/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief provides weekly information of the companies that comprise the Bot Index

Industrial camera manufacturer IDS celebrates 25th anniversary

09/23/2022 | IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

As a pioneer in the field of digital image processing, the German company, led by founder and managing director Jürgen Hartmann, wants to continue to make it easier for its customers to use future technologie

3 Reasons to Deploy Sorting Robots

09/22/2022 | DOBOT

Through the multiple diversity of application robots, sorting robots are paving their way to groundbreaking transformation.

Digital Farming' Future with AI and Computer Vision opportunities

09/20/2022 | Keymakr

The Keymakr team has solved similar problems of various levels of complexity since 2015.

JR Automation Awarded Funding for New Machining and Fabrication Facility

09/20/2022 | JR Automation – A Hitachi Group Company

JR Automation will build an all-new machining and fabrication facility near its headquarters in Holland, Michigan as a result of funding from the State of Michiga

Meet MotionCam-3D Color – the NEW color 3D camera for static & dynamic scenes

09/20/2022 | Photoneo

Photoneo introduces MotionCam-3D Color - a state-of-the-art blend of three key properties: highly accurate 3D data, the ability to scan in motion,

ABB survey reveals re-industrialization at risk from global “education gap” in automation

09/19/2022 | ABB Inc.

ABB survey reveals growing trend in US and European businesses towards re-shoring or nearshoring operations to build resilience

Motion Ai Launches New Website

09/19/2022 | Motion Ai

This new and growing website reflects the unity of these legacy brands and showcases Motion Ai’s broad, technical capabilities with a clean, modern design that is easy to navigate. Visit

The Bot Brief

09/18/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief includes its Bot Index of robotic companies' stock movements since 2016

Cybathlon & Maxon: The Gold Partnership

09/15/2022 | Maxon

Drive specialist maxon has been part of the Cybathlon right from the start. Without hesitation, maxon also joined the third editi

International Robot Safety Conference Returns In-Person; Critical Topics Relevant Amid Highest Quarter for Robot Sales in North America

09/15/2022 | Association for Advancing Automation

Agenda available for conference and trade show running Sept. 27-29 in Columbus, OH

OnLogic Releases Raspberry Pi-powered Automation Device With Ignition Edge From Inductive Automation

09/14/2022 | OnLogic

The new OnLogic IGN800 Industrial Raspberry Pi Edge Gateway, along with two other new systems, joins the company's growing line of hardware for advanced SCADA and industrial automation application

Top 3 Tricky Semiconductor Trends And Tech Opportunities

09/13/2022 | DOBOT

The semiconductor industry has become vital in the past few years with the increasing demand for technologies we use. All of them depend on one industry, semiconductors.

MoviTHERM & FLIR Discuss Battery Applications on Latest Podcast

09/13/2022 | MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solutions

The Thermal Review, a podcast about sensing, imaging, and automated advancements, recently featured Jerry Beeney, Global Business Director at Teledyne FLIR,

The Bot Brief

09/11/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief provides an Index of 30 robotic companies' stock performance relative to the broader markets


09/08/2022 | Machine Safety Specialists

Clarion Safety Systems, a leading manufacturer of safety labels, signs, tags, and complementary product safety and risk reduction services, acquires the machine safety consulting and compliance practice, Machine Safety Specialist


09/08/2022 | Machine Safety Specialists

Machine Safety Specialist will be at the International Robot Safety Conference in Columbus, Ohio, September 27-29, 2022!

Radiant Vision Systems Sponsors and Speaks at the DSCC’s Virtual AR/VR Display Forum

09/07/2022 | Radiant Vision Systems

Optics Development Manager, Eric Eisenberg, introduces “A Flexible Solution for XR Display Testing: Replicating the Human Eye in More Headsets and Smart Glasses” during the virtual conference, taking place Sept. 20-21. CAD2SCAN Named Finalist for Coveted VISION Award

09/07/2022 |

Smart inspection planning company has been named a VISION award finalist for its CAD2SCAN automated inspection planning tool.

Photoneo releases Bin Picking Studio 1.7.0

09/07/2022 | Photoneo

The new version of Photoneo's robotic intelligence tool for bin picking powered by first-class 3D vision is released.

The Bot Brief

09/04/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief contains an index of robotic companies stock performance

EMVA 1288 Course, New Release 4.0 - Interactive Online Training September 19 - 21, 2022

09/01/2022 | AEON Imaging

EMVA 1288 Standard Online Training Course - principles & practical experiences - interactive in-depth & hands-on training September 19 - 21, 2022, 16:00 - 21:00 CE

Bryce Hayward named COO at New Scale

08/31/2022 | New Scale Robotics

High-tech motion systems and robotics design and manufacturing company names Bruce Hayward to the newly created position of Chief Operating Office

Top 4 Challenges in Modern Manufacturing and Ways to Face

08/31/2022 | DOBOT

Modern manufacturing has faced multiple challenges in recent years. Many businesses are on the verge of transforming their manufacturing strategies and optimizing automation processe

The Bot Brief

08/28/2022 | Balcones Investment Research

The Bot Brief is a compilation of data surrounding the robotic industry and its investment potential