A3 Achievement Awards

Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Award

The World's Most Prestigious Robotics Honor

RIA Engelberger Robotics Technology Award Selection Criteria and Process

Award Criteria

  1. Made one or a number of identifiable technological advancements that:
    1. have been of major benefit to the field of robotics or
    2. expected to enable major progress in an area essential to the future growth of robotics.
  2. Contributed to the robotics community for a period of at least 10 years with recognized products, patents, books, or other published work.
  3. Demonstrated character that will perpetuate and enhance the image of the Award in Technology.
  4. Must be able to travel to the award ceremony and participate in press conferences at the event where the award is presented.

Selection Process

  1. Selection Committee is made up of three or more experts in robotics and chaired by William T. Townsend [email protected]
  2. Nominations must be received at RIA Headquarters to be considered for award.
  3. Selection process will be executed in the weeks following the deadline for submission of nominations.
  4. Process will consider each nominated candidate against the Award Criteria.
  5. Once selected, recommendations for one or two candidates will be forwarded to the RIA Past Chairs Committee, which will make/confirm the final selection.
  6. Awardee will be notified.

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